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Running a marathon – Is sports massage a luxury or a necessity?


Running a marathon is an incredible challenge, a huge commitment in time, and not something you want thwarted by injury at the final hurdle!It is well known that effective stretching and early diagnosis and treatment of the little injuries and niggles that marathon runners get, can make all the difference to an effective training regime.  [...]

Running a marathon – Is sports massage a luxury or a necessity?2018-04-19T11:05:28+00:00

Vestibular Rehabilitation – How Physiotherapy Can Help


Balance disorders and dizziness are a growing public health concern across all age groups. Prevalence increases with age and these disorders are some of the most common complaints reported to GPs by older patients. Untreated, they result in worsening unsteadiness, loss of confidence and anxiety, difficulty with concentration and memory, inactivity, loss of [...]

Vestibular Rehabilitation – How Physiotherapy Can Help2018-01-30T09:46:17+00:00

JK Physio celebrates 21 years, by supporting Parkinson’s UK


I first set up in Private Practice in 1996 whilst working as a Clinical Specialist Chartered Physiotherapist within the NHS. For many years the practice was based in Crofton Consulting Rooms above Summercroft Surgery but moved to The Locksbottom Clinic in 2010, where I am delighted to say it has continued to develop [...]

JK Physio celebrates 21 years, by supporting Parkinson’s UK2018-01-30T09:40:19+00:00

Do you suffer from Dizzy Spells? We can help!


Often we have patients reluctantly admitting they suffer from “dizzy spells” or “giddiness” but they say “there’s nothing that can be done I’ve just got to live with it”… Some people are even temporarily housebound due to their symptoms as dizziness is a debilitating problem and should not be put up with. However, it appears [...]

Do you suffer from Dizzy Spells? We can help!2018-01-30T09:36:17+00:00

My right thumb hurts!


I have a deep ache in the base of my right thumb and in the associated muscles in the pad of the hand, as well as soreness radiating from the thumb to the wrist on the top of the hand… As a Physiotherapist with a strongly biased ‘hands on approach’ not so surprising you might [...]

My right thumb hurts!2016-07-01T11:15:55+00:00

Summer Shoes – Do’s and Don’ts


The sun is finally shining.  The summer clothes are being unpacked from the loft and there are smiles on faces and a bounce in the step. Unfortunately though, as a Physio, I just can’t seem to see past the shoes!  The better the weather the worse the shoes!   The thin strapped sandals, the ballet pumps, [...]

Summer Shoes – Do’s and Don’ts2016-06-24T14:15:56+00:00
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