Often we have patients reluctantly admitting they suffer from “dizzy spells” or “giddiness” but they say “there’s nothing that can be done I’ve just got to live with it”…

Some people are even temporarily housebound due to their symptoms as dizziness is a debilitating problem and should not be put up with.

However, it appears these people often think there is no treatment for these problems and their GP may have told them it will just pass with time. Let me tell you now, there is treatment out there for symptoms of dizziness! Physiotherapy can help!! If you suffer from dizzy spells, giddiness, room spinning sensations, vertigo, imbalance and/or unsteady gait there could potentially be a very simple solution which a physiotherapist can help you with.

There is a specialist area of Physiotherapy that is rarely known about called Vestibular Rehabilitation which works by assessing and treating disorders of the inner ear. Often it is the inner ear (vestibular system) that is responsible for dizziness. Sometimes symptoms of inner ear dysfunction can be completely debilitating and incredibly frightening as you feel helpless and unable to control it. Vestibular Rehabilitation gives you that control back.

You will learn strategies of how to not only stimulate these symptoms voluntarily but also how to eventually eradicate these symptoms completely. Vestibular Rehabilitation has been shown to be clinically effective based on a wealth of research from around the world and works by stimulating specific mechanisms within the inner ear that encourage resolution of any imbalance that might be present. Usually the treatment consists of a series of eye and head exercises that specifically stimulate different pathways within the inner ear to improve compensation of dizziness and giddiness.

It does work! Within weeks or sometimes even days your symptoms could be much more under control or even completely gone! The assessment is carried out by a specialist trained physiotherapist that can diagnose your exact problem and give you individualised exercises to treat this without the need for medication.

So please don’t just live with it! Don’t be limited by your symptoms of dizziness… take back control! So if you suffer from dizziness go and see your local physiotherapist for advice and see if they can help. You may well be very pleasantly surprised with the results!”

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