Diagnostic ultrasound

Visualise the underlying structures in real-time.

Specific site can be targeted for optimal results.

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What is

Diagnostic ultrasound?

Visualising underlying structures in real-time, diagnostic ultrasound provides an important addition to traditional physiotherapy assessment and treatment, allowing accurate diagnosis of soft tissue injuries.

Diagnostic ultrasound has been shown to be as accurate as MRI, particularly for tendon injuries, as well as many muscle and ligament injuries. Ultrasound can also be useful in the assessment of nerve impingements, monitoring of tissue healing (such as muscles and tendons), as well as to confirm areas of swelling.

Diagnostic ultrasound is also used to accurately direct infections. Read more

We can help with:

  • Shoulder – rotator cuff tendinopathy and bursitis

  • Foot and ankle – ligament injury, tendinopathy, bursitis, Morton’s neuroma, plantar fasciitis

  • Knee – Baker’s/popliteal cyst, osteoarthritis, patella tendinopathy, quadriceps tendinopathy, bursitis, joint effusions, hamstring injuries

  • Elbow – tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, biceps injuries

  • Wrist and hand – carpal tunnel, tendinopathy

Why book for a diagnostic ultrasound?

Diagnostic ultrasound has become more commonly used by physiotherapists, sports doctors and orthopaedic surgeons in recent years to ensure a correct diagnosis. The benefits of diagnostic ultrasound are:

  • Accuracy – For many conditions it is equal to MRI in diagnostic accuracy due to improved technology and image quality.
  • Non-invasive – It is non-invasive, radiation-free and is painless.
  • Immediate – The results are immediately available and can be considered along with a physical assessment putting the information into context.
  • Dynamic – It is regarded as a form of ‘dynamic scanning’ where the tissues can be scanned whilst you perform movement.
  • Low risk – There is no risk with repeated imaging, so useful in monitoring the rate of healing e.g. in a muscle tear. It is useful and easy to compare findings with the asymptomatic side
  • Vital aid to accurate injections – Improved vital accuracy when administering injections, using the dynamic ultrasound image to monitor the passage of the needle before injections of medications such as steroid, hyaluronic acid or PRP injections. Known as USGI (Ultrasound guided injections)
  • Cost effective – Ultrasound is less expensive than most alternative forms of imaging such as MRI.

We attended an appointment to see JK Physio for an ultrasound, it was so informative and thorough. My wife was very pleased with the examination on her foot and myself with my hip. An excellent morning all round.

Frequently asked questions.

What is diagnostic ultrasound?2024-04-10T13:38:29+00:00

Diagnostic ultrasound is the use of sound waves which are transmitted into the body’s tissues using a handheld probe on the surface of the skin. Gel is applied to the surface of the skin as a contact medium. The soundwaves are bounced back from the body’s tissues into the probe and are used to create a picture. This image shows changes within the tissues in the body, i.e. any bony changes, tears in muscles, tears in ligaments and fluid (effusion) can be seen very clearly on the image that is produced on the screen. It is a very safe, non-invasive form of imaging. There is no radiation, as you would have with x-ray, and the ultrasound can be used for dynamic scanning. This means that the patient can move the body parts and locate the area of their pain symptoms as the clinicians scans them.

Who should have a diagnostic ultrasound?2024-04-10T13:38:15+00:00

Diagnostic ultrasound is offered to patients who have pain in their joints or soft tissues to aid diagnosis, alongside traditional physiotherapy assessment and tests.

Diagnostic ultrasound is useful in assisting with the diagnosis of muscle tears, tendon injuries, joint pain and ligament injuries.

Is diagnostic ultrasound used in conjunction with other assessment and treatments?2024-04-10T13:38:08+00:00

Yes. Diagnostic ultrasound is a helpful tool alongside a full physical assessment by a Physiotherapist.  Diagnostic ultrasound can also be used during a course of treatment e.g. to assess and monitor the healing of a muscle tear. Ultrasound can also be used to guide treatments such as for joint and soft tissue injections.

Will it be painful?2024-04-10T13:38:01+00:00

Diagnostic ultrasound is not a painful procedure. It is non-invasive; the probe is simply placed on the skin using some coupling gel. There is no heat transmission or radiation, and it is entirely safe.

How long does an ultrasound scan take?2024-04-10T13:37:55+00:00

A diagnostic ultrasound typically takes around 10-15 minutes. Although the amount of time spent scanning is very dependent upon the condition. If the scan is likely to include an ultrasound guided injection the session will take approximately 30 minutes.

How much does a diagnostic ultrasound cost?2024-04-10T13:37:50+00:00

Diagnostic Ultrasound £125

Does my health insurance policy, e.g. BUPA or AXA, cover a diagnostic ultrasound?2024-04-10T13:37:45+00:00

No, not as yet. Diagnostic ultrasound and guided injections are not covered by Health Insurance companies.

However, Physiotherapy assessment and treatment at JK Physio is.

Do I get a copy of the images after my diagnostic ultrasound?2024-04-10T13:37:39+00:00

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide a copy of the images following your ultrasound. We do, however, provide you with a copy of the report which is shared with your Physiotherapist and can be passed on to your GP if required.

Are there any areas on the body where you do not perform diagnostic ultrasound?2024-04-10T13:37:34+00:00

Please note we do not scan for:

  • Assessment of ‘lumps and bumps’
  • Abdominal region, including hernias
  • The spine, trunk or pelvis e.g. lumbar spine, thoracic spine and cervical spine/neck area

These areas need to be scanned in a hospital environment.

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