Running a marathon is an incredible challenge, a huge commitment in time, and not something you want thwarted by injury at the final hurdle!

It is well known that effective stretching and early diagnosis and treatment of the little injuries and niggles that marathon runners get, can make all the difference to an effective training regime.  But fewer marathon runners are as aware of the physical and psychological benefits of sports massage when preparing for such an event, and often wrongly regard it as a luxury.

Sports Massage by qualified sports massage therapists helps recovery from training by removing waste products, improving muscle and tissue flexibility, breaking down built up scarring from recurrent injury or over training. Sports massage keeps the muscles well oxygenated and healthy, and relieves pain.  As well as these physical benefits sports massage will help to de stress you and often people feel highly invigorated following sports massage therapy.

When considering sports massage, it is recommended that marathon runners start with 1 sports massage treatment every other week for the first 4-6 weeks of training. This should then increase to one sports massage treatment per week during the peak of marathon training.  An added benefit in this period of marathon training is that the Sports Massage Therapist might identify areas of excess tightness that need additional stretching, so reducing risk of injury.

In the final week, a sports massage, regular stretching, plenty of rest and plenty of good food and hydration is the best policy.

And finally, in the week immediately following the event, sports massage helps the recovery and healing of the muscles, as well as easing the soreness and generally healing the body recover.

So the message is that of course sports massage is a luxury for the body, it’s a fully justifiable one as it has so many necessary benefits for marathon runners!

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