What is Physiotherapy?

Chartered Physiotherapists are highly qualified skilled professionals who have had training in all aspects of medicine and understand how best to help an individual recovery and fully rehabilitate to the best of their ability whether it be from a car accident, a sports injury, arthritis, surgery or even a stroke.

We adhere to strict professional guidelines and are regulated by the Health Professions Council (HPC) and the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP.)

As with all career paths, people can specialise and here at JK Physio the Physios are Musculoskeletal specialists. We have in depth skills and experience to diagnose problems and an ability to explain and help you understand the implications and how you can best manage and treat to assist a speedy recovery and to maximise your ability.

Our Physiotherapists will give depth advice on the management of your problems. This may include advice on whether to rest, exercise, apply ice, or use a brace for example. As well as ‘hands on’ techniques, Physiotherapists are often trained in other treatment means such as manipulation, electrotherapy, acupuncture and injection therapy.

What to expect

Our Physiotherapists will first need to take a detailed history of the injury or problem. A close examination of the area is then vital, so you may prefer to bring shorts for a knee, hip or back examination.

If possible the Physiotherapist will give treatment as well as the assessment on the first visit, but sometimes it is often more important to complete a thorough examination and focus on giving detailed advice, rather than immediately rushing in to treat ‘hands-on’.

How can Physiotherapy help you?

Firstly, Physiotherapy is evidence based so time and a great deal of care is taken to gain a clear understanding of your needs before agreeing the best course of action.

The treatment we offer may include a combination of ‘hands on’ techniques to assist in the recovery and relief of pain alongside exercise prescription to help
improve muscle, fascia and soft tissue length to relieve pain and improve function.

We are able to offer early appointments as, especially with back and neck pain, this speeds up recovery and helps prevent the pattern of recurrence from developing.

We can help manage conditions such as arthritis; controlling the symptoms and maximising function to hopefully avoid further deterioration and pain.

Our Physiotherapists and Sports Massage Therapists can offer:

‘Hands on’ treatment and manipulation

At JK Physio we use a multitude of ‘hands on’ techniques to assist in relieving pain, improving tissue viability and improving muscle, fascia, ligament and joint mobility. We use manipulation techniques, muscle release, neural mobilising, joint mobilising, trigger point work, frictions, deep tissue massage and much more. All treatments are tailored by your Physiotherapist to be the most appropriate and beneficial for your injury, pain levels, tolerances and personal preference. The benefits gained by the ‘hands on’ treatment can then be maintained or even built upon by the correct home management and home exercises.

Treatment of Dizziness or Balance issues

Known as Vestibular Rehabilitation, we have an in-house specialist Physiotherapist who has extensive training in the assessment and diagnosis of the causes of dizziness or balance problems.  There are many causes of dizziness and balance issues, so if you are concerned or unsure how to manage it or whether to seek further advice, he can help.  If the problem appears to be coming from either the ear or the neck there are specialist techniques some of which can give immediate relief.  If further investigation is required he will refer you back to your GP with the details of his findings and the appropriate request for investigation.

Diagnostic Ultrasound and Guided Injections

We offer in house diagnostic Ultrasound and Injection therapy by one of our highly qualified Physiotherapists.  Our Physiotherapist has taken extensive further qualifications and now works solely in this field, gaining many hours of experience.  Being part of our team means we can work closely together in ensuring all questions of the investigation are answered and the Physiotherapy treatment is tailored according to any findings.  There are very few contra-indications to this investigation and the results are immediate, just as with an antenatal scan.

Soft tissue and sports massage

When an acute problem is resolved we can work closely with our Sports Massage Therapists to create a full body treatment programme taking into consideration any underlying issues found on assessment.  Our Sports Masseurs provide firm massage techniques, specifically to release areas of muscle or soft tissue tightness, thickening or scarring.

Muscle imbalance correction

The prescription of home exercises to re-dress the imbalance of the strength and length of muscles, often caused as a result of poor posture or injury.


The use of very fine needles, mostly for pain relief and muscle release.

Only those Physiotherapists at JK Physio who have gained accreditation with the Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (AACP) are sufficiently trained to use Acupuncture as a complimentary skill in their treatment.  We follow strict guidelines to ensure your safety at all times.


The use of machines to aid healing or give pain relief, such as ultrasound and interferential.


We run a personally tailored Physiotherapy lead Pilates service here at JK Physio. The Physiotherapists are APPI trained (The Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Association) and as such offer highly qualified guidance and instruction. They will be able to tailor and modify as necessary any exercises to suit your body and its needs.

We see everyone for a 1 to 1 session at the Practice first. This allows time for the Physiotherapist to assess your physical ability and your needs, as well as a good understanding of your ‘aches and pains’ and what you want to achieve form attending our classes. You will then be allocated, where possible, to the best class to meet your needs. Our classes are run locally off site and are kept small to allow quality time with the Physiotherapist.

Ergonomic advice

Help and advice particularly with sitting at a PC either at home or in the workplace, to avoid unnecessary stress on the body. Particularly important for the back and neck.

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