Our difference

At JK Physio.

We like to make every patient feel welcome, valued and listened too. We take pride in our work, have a dedicated team and celebrate making our patients better.

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What is

Our difference?

At JK Physio we want to make everyone visiting us, feel welcome, valued and listened to. Both clinicians and admin team, are passionate about offering a valued service.

  • We are a great team and pride ourselves on supporting and meeting your needs.
  • Our ethos is honesty and transparency.
  • Our Physios treat everyone as an individual, tailoring the assessment methods and treatment techniques that meet your needs.

We take pride in:

  • Approaching your problem as our problem

  • No lengthy wait for an appointment – same day sometimes available
  • All investigations undertaken on-site at the clinic
  • Multiple treatment options, such as Manipulation, Acupuncture, Pilates, Sports Massage, Exercise prescription and Electrotherapy
  • No referral from a Doctor required
  • Fully recognised by Private Health Insurance Companies

What we do.

  • We assess with a combination of detailed questioning, hands on assessment tools and skilled observation.

  • We treat with a combination of tailored hands-on techniques, advice tailored to your lifestyle, the latest high-tech electrotherapy and specific progressive exercises.

  • We allow plenty of time at each appointment to ensure you are given the treatment and advice you need and have the time to ask the questions you need.

  • We see you as soon as we can as we know this helps recovery.

  • We see you as often or as infrequently as agreed to gain the best results.

  • We offer flexibility when booking appointments and have early, late and Saturday appointments.
  • We will match you up with the Physiotherapist with the skills suited to your problems when necessary. If you are a golfer you may be seen by a golfer, if you are a cyclist, you will be seen by our expert cyclist for example.

  • We treat everyone as individuals and endeavour to meet your specific needs. You are not just a number!

  • We will expertly liaise with specialist Consultants where necessary. We are well known to most local Consultants and can advise on the most appropriate specialist for you to see.

  • We can report back to your GP and recommend referral or investigation.

  • We can refer you for investigations such as X-ray, MRI or Ultra-sound.

  • We can give you a probable diagnosis.

  • We can give you pain relief.

  • We can give you a plan of action.

I had not been to JK Physio before, but will go again without hesitation. My appointment was with Luke Millward, who was very professional and gave good advice. Reception were also very friendly, would recommend. Only wish I had found them before.

Frequently asked questions.

In what ways does JK Physio ensure a personalised and effective treatment plan for its clients?2024-03-21T09:31:22+00:00

JK Physio commits to seeing clients as soon as possible, as often or infrequently as needed for optimal results, and provides a tailored treatment plan that includes a combination of therapies suited to the individual’s needs. They also offer the expertise of matching the client with a physiotherapist who specialises in their specific activities or needs, ensuring a highly personalised and effective treatment plan.

What accommodations does JK Physio offer to ensure client satisfaction and convenience?2024-03-21T09:30:47+00:00

JK Physio offers flexible booking options including early, late, and Saturday appointments, matches clients with specialists in their activity (e.g., a golfer with a golfer), treats every client as an individual, liaises with specialist Consultants when necessary, and can refer clients for further investigations like X-rays, MRIs, or Ultrasounds. They also provide pain relief, a plan of action, and the possibility of giving a probable diagnosis.

How does JK Physio assess and treat its clients?2024-03-21T09:30:54+00:00

The assessment at JK Physio involves detailed questioning, hands-on assessment tools, and skilled observation. Treatment is tailored and can include hands-on techniques, lifestyle-specific advice, the latest high-tech electrotherapy, and specific progressive exercises. They ensure plenty of time is given at each appointment for treatment and questions, aiming for quick scheduling to aid recovery.

What are some of the unique features of JK Physio’s approach to treatment?2024-03-21T09:31:02+00:00

JK Physio prides itself on approaching clients’ problems as their own, offering immediate appointment availability sometimes on the same day, conducting all investigations on-site, providing multiple treatment options (like Manipulation, Acupuncture, Pilates, Sports Massage, Exercise prescription, and Electrotherapy), and requiring no referral from a doctor. They are also fully recognised by Private Health Insurance Companies.

What values does JK Physio emphasize in their service?2024-03-21T09:31:10+00:00

JK Physio places a strong emphasis on making clients feel welcome, valued, and listened to. The team, including both clinicians and the admin team, is passionate about offering a service that is characterised by great teamwork, honesty, transparency, and a commitment to treating each individual according to their unique needs.

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