Your treatment plan will be made up from one or more of our specialised modalities. These are:

  • ‘Hands-on’ treatment and manipulation. At JK Physio we use a multitude of ‘hands on’ techniques to assist in relieving pain, improving tissue viability and improving muscle, fascia, ligament and joint mobility.
  • Vestibular Rehabilitation. We have an in-house specialist Physiotherapist who has extensive training in the assessment and diagnosis of the causes of dizziness or balance problems. Read more about vestibular rehabilitation.
  • TECARtherapy: Winback. Its versatility, effectiveness, and ability to expedite recovery make Winback TECARtherapy a valuable tool in the field of rehabilitation and physical therapy. Read more about Winback TECARtherapy.
  • Prescription Exercises. The prescription of home exercises to re-dress the imbalance of the strength and length of muscles, often caused as a result of poor posture or injury.
  • Ergonomic advice. Help and advice particularly with sitting at a PC either at home or in the workplace, to avoid unnecessary stress on the body. Particularly important for the back and neck.