1890: Discovery of the permeability of the cell membrane by a high frequency current from 100 KHz to 10 MHz by Dr Jacques Arsène d’Arsonal, a doctor, physicist and inventor.

1939: Work on diathermy for treatment using capacitive (CET) and resistive (RET) electrodes by Dr William Beaumont, an English doctor and physicist.  He was the pioneer of the first pieces of Physiotherapy equipment using a frequency of approximately 500 KHz.

1950: The use of a high-frequency current in the surgical field in the form of electrosurgery/electrocautery. This led to the development of electrodes capable of being held and therefore more mobile.

1985: Development of high frequency current in the aesthetic medicine with electrode multipolar for action on the skin.

1995: In Italy scientists published the beneficial diathermic effect of TECAR – Transference of high frequency Electrical Capacitive And Resistive.  They also developed procedures for its use in functional rehabilitation using non-invasive mobile electrodes.

2009: In France, protocols for the use of TECAR by Physiotherapists to stimulate healing in elite athletes were developed using the Italian research. The start of the development of the product Winback.

2013Winback – released a new generation of high-performance equipment delivering more efficient, more dynamic mobile TECAR therapy device.  Designed specifically for the needs and to complement the treatment by Physiotherapists.

2013 to present dayWinback continue to develop their high performance equipment. The 1st generation composed of a passive electrode and several types of active electrodes, offering a more efficient treatment when combined with manual therapy.  Then came the use of the fixed electrode and the Flex Patch, allowing more movement during treatment so gaining the benefits of mobilisation and muscle strengthening. Now the 3rd generation enables the passage of the energy through the Physiotherapists hands whilst delivering manual techniques!

What a journey!

2018: Winback TECAR therapy machine available at JK Physio.

2023: Second Winback TECAR therapy