Diagnostic Ultrasound and Guided Steroid Injections

We offer in house diagnostic ultrasound and steroid injection therapy by one of our highly qualified Physiotherapists.

Our Physiotherapist has taken extensive further qualifications and now works solely in this field, gaining many hours of experience.  Being part of our team means we can work closely together in ensuring all questions of the investigation are answered and the Physiotherapy treatment is tailored according to any findings.  There are very few contra-indications to this investigation and the results are immediate, just as with an antenatal scan.

This form of investigation and treatment is ideal for conditions such as shoulder pain, tennis elbow, sprained ankles, Achilles issues, and much more.  You will be given a full report and an explanation of the findings at the time and advised on the implications and future management.

Such detailed information can then be used by your Physiotherapist to progress the treatment and management accordingly, and if necessary a recommendation of the appropriate referral on to a Consultant if required.

This treatment is offered at our Orpington Clinic. Please call us on 01689 889909 to find out more.

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