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Joanne Kingston has been involved in Physiotherapy for high class junior and senior athletes for many years. She worked for World Class Hockey for 7 years and spent 4 years as Physiotherapist for the England U18 Men’s squad. Jo is still an active golfer and skier, and has an in-depth understanding of how physiotherapy can improve performance and prevent injury.

Sports Massage and Physio

We offer Sports Massage at JK Physio. The benefits of Sports Massage are fully appreciated by top level athletes who are often pushing their bodies hard in training and in competition. They usually work as part of an extended team from health professionals and strength and conditioning coaches to sports psychologists and nutritionists. This multi discipline approach is recognised as the best way of maintaining highly tuned athletes at ‘match fit’ level. Andy Murray is the well-known example.
At JK Physio, although not working with top level elite athletes with their own multidisciplinary teams, we appreciate its benefits for our community.The majority of our clients are aspiring to be at their best, whether for sport, for work or for everyday life. They are often suffering from injuries or dealing with longstanding aches and pains, so we recognise the benefits and need for a multidisciplinary team approach. So here at JK Physio, as well as in house Podiatry and running assessments, we also offer Sports Massage.

Jo Kingston, the Practice Owner, has always seen the benefits and results from ‘hands on’ treatment, especially when carefully combined with skilled mix of treatment modalities such as exercise prescription, acupuncture, ergonomic advice and pain management. As such, she has developed a team of like-minded clinicians who see the benefits of ‘hands on’ treatment. As Physiotherapists, treatment will be led by a detailed assessment, striving for a diagnosis, and the treatment very specifically focused on the target area.

When the acute problem is resolved we might work closely with our Sports Massage Therapist to create a full body treatment programme taking into consideration any underlying issues we have found on assessment. In this way we feel we are offering a more tailored approach to treatment and a more successful management. In reverse, if the Sports Massage Therapist feels detailed examination and treatment is required they will refer to us for a short course of treatment. Good team work is they key…


The Practice offers detailed assessment of any injuries that may be caused by or affecting your ability to play golf. The Physiotherapists are trained and experienced in the biomechanical analysis related to a golf swing and can treat and advise appropriately. The Practice has a strong working relationship with Golf Professionals in the area so enabling thorough effective management of any golf related problems.


Physiotherapists at JK Physiotherapy offer expert advice and treatment following any skiing injury. The Physiotherapists can advise prior to a skiing holiday on the best exercise and fitness training, especially if there is concern over a previous injury. Joanne Kingston in particular is also a qualified ski instructor and as such has a full understanding of the demands on the body of skiing. Discounts for sessions for members of The Ski Club of Great Britain.



The Practice has a long association with local Hockey Clubs and has been heavily involved in the treatment of players of all levels.

Discounts for Hockey Club members.


Whether a dinghy sailor, a cruiser or an off shore racer, we can treat all injuries that may have occurred or may impact with your performance and enjoyment . We can advise on the fitness and strength required and will advise you on how best to keep sailing. Jo is a dinghy sailor and Yachtmaster so has a full understanding.
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